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Assistive Technology Resources
Tri County Assistive Technology Web Site - An excellent local resource! 

Don Johnson  (Assistive Technology Resources:  Co Writer, Read OutLoud, 
Write OutLoud, DraftBuilder & More)

IntelliTools  (Talking word processor and Flexible Authoring Tools)


Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Dictate

Augmented Communication Devices, Augmented communication devices

Reading Pens

Inspiration (Graphic organizers, content mapping, mind mapping)

South Carolina Assistive Technology Program, University of South Carolina


Scholastic: Correlation of Read 180 to Common Core State Standards

Knowledgeworks - The future of education: 2020 Forcast

Cast: An educational research & development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.

UDL - Supporting educators in learning about and practicing Universal Design for Learning.

MAST - Modules Addressing Special Education and Teacher Education.