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Kagan Cooperative Learning    

Cooperative Learning & Science

Cooperative Learning Resources  

Differentiated Instruction   
Resources from Carol Ann Tomlinson   

Resources from Kathleen Kryza     

Examples of Differentiated Instruction in the four core subject areas.     

A large number of current links and topics related to Differentiated Instruction for all subject areas and grade levels.      

A site for Middle and High School teachers that have a multitude of lesson plans in all subject areas.    

Marzano Strategies
Marzano Research Laboratory uses Meta-Analysis Data of Instructional Strategies. Explore our data firsthand. As a service to the educational research community, MRL is proud to share our foundational data so that others may use it in their quest to find useful strategies for educators. The Meta-Analysis Database of Instructional Strategies captures our findings from 1,036 studies on 22 instructional strategies. The data indicates the grade level, subject area, and unit topic for each study on a target strategy, the number of students in the control and treatment groups, the effect size of the implemented strategy, and other relevant factors. Get the information you need to improve student performance today.

Visible Learning (John Hattie)
Visible Learning and Teaching: ​ We are all familiar with the statements: “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and “seeing is believing.” So when it comes to finding the Bright Spots in Utah schools, we at the Utah Personnel Development Center (UPDC) are noticing some visible evidence of improved outcomes for students and teachers throughout the state. It’s exciting to learn from teachers who are making a difference. But merely learning from the bright spots isn’t enough, we need to share what works with others. In the book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, the authors indicate that a bright spot is “a successful effort worth emulating.” So the quest must be to capture the visible evidence of successful teaching experiences and share the details with others.