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American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  is the professional, scientific, 
and credentialing association for more than 150,000 members and affiliates 
who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and 
hearing scientists in the United States and internationally. Support personnel 
in audiology and speech-language pathology also affiliate with ASHA.

Cando’s Helper  site is for children, parents and teachers looking for content 
and practice activities in the primary reading area.

Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities  is the first parenting site on the Web with the 
most-visited site for parents who are involved, committed and responsive to their families’ needs. Parents find practical guidance, grade-specific information about their children’s school experience, strategies to get involved with their children’s learning, free email newsletters, and fun and entertaining family activities. FamilyEducation brings together leading organizations from both the public and private sectors to help parents, teachers, schools, and community organizations use online tools and other media resources to positively affect children’s education and overall development. The site offers resources for a multitude of sites from,, and

EducationWorld Finding strategies for working with special needs students can be a challenge for 
full-time special education teachers, let alone teachers who work on a part-time basis with kids facing challenges . Education World understands the problems you face and offers online resources that can help you better understand -- and help -- students with special needs. Today, almost every classroom includes a number of students who are dealing with a disability -- either physical, educational, emotional, or a combination of all three. As a teacher, you probably find yourself looking for information and resources that will help you effectively teach those students and help them learn successfully.

The number of special-education Web sites for teachers can be overwhelming, however. 
Education World has searched the Web for sites that provide information about specific disabilities and suggest activities for classroom use. Although most are intended primarily for use with students who have disabilities, many can be adapted for use with all students.

Family Village  is a web site for children and adults with disabilities, their families, and their friends and allies. Family Village brings together thousands of online resources in a organized, easy-to-use directory. The centerpiece of Family Village is the library, where visitors can find information on over 300 diagnosis. Visitors can also learn about assistive technology, legal rights and legislation, special education, leisure activities and much more. You can learn more about the various building in The Family Village by vision here.

Handi is a website that contains simple ideas and tools that are either inexpensive to purchase or cost little to make. Hopefully, these suggestions will help physically challenged individuals overcome some of the frustrations they face daily.

LD Online  Whether you're a general or special education teacher, principal, specialist, or paraprofessional, you play a vitally important role in helping children with learning disabilities achieve their full potential. LD OnLine has gathered the following resources to assist you in your important job!

Learning Disabilities Association of America  ​Believes that every person with learning disabilities can be successful at school, at work, in relationships, and in the community—given the right opportunities. LDA would like to help in creating those opportunities.

McMaster University  Children who have coordination difficulties struggle with many routine tasks that other children do with ease during a typical school day. Printing, cutting with scissors, opening lunch containers, and playing games at recess can all be sources of frustration for a child with coordination difficulties. Older students who have mastered some of these basic skills may still have difficulties with organization of time/materials, quality/speed of written output, participation in physical education classes and in sports. 

Classroom teachers can help students with motor difficulties meet the curriculum requirements of their grade level by making sure the task and the learning environment are right for the student. Teachers can also provide accommodations to help students complete their work and demonstrate their learning progress. The resources below provide information for educators, outlining common classroom issues, presenting specific strategies for all classroom grade levels (MATCH approach), and describing accommodations that have been found to help children with motor difficulties be successful at school. Parents of children with DCD may find these flyers useful for sharing information with their child's educators. Many of the flyers are also available in French.

National Association of Special Education Teachers  The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) is the only national membership organization dedicated solely to meeting the needs of special education teachers and those preparing for the field of special education teaching.

National Center for Learning Disabilities  is committed to ensuring that all students with learning disabilities graduate from high school with a standard diploma—prepared for college and the workplace. Learn more about our credo, programs, events, and more below. NCLD connects parents and others with essential resources, provides educators with evidence-based tools, and engages advocates in public policy initiatives.

National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD) is positioned to effect change in health promotion/obesity management among people with disabilities through its existing 13-year history of providing advocacy, services and programs to numerous organizations and people throughout the country. The primary focus of the Center’s approach is to collaborate with the nation’s leading health advocacy and disability organizations in linking them to the hundreds of program initiatives ongoing across the nation, and using this framework to build inclusion and integration into these existing programs. The Center is focusing on five key goal areas: (a) Developing Leadership through the formation of local Inclusive Health Coalitions (IHCs) that support community health inclusion for children, adults and seniors with disabilities across community sectors (schools, fitness centers, workplaces, health care facilities, and community-at-large); (b) Providing individualized Information, Referral and Consultation services to people with disabilities, families, caregivers, policymakers, organizations, community members, health care practitioners and public health professionals through an expansive array of web-based materials customized to end users; (c) Promoting community and individual behavior change through a Health Communications network that channels social media between and within disability and non-disability service providers and organizations; (d) Developing a set of guidelines/criteria to promote inclusive Policies in physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle weight management and establishing Partnerships with major leaders in the disability and public health communities to ensure inclusion into various community transformation programs; and (e) Developing a comprehensive Training initiative that educates disability and non-disability service providers in community health inclusion. The expected results of the Center’s activities include 1) greater support for promoting inclusive policies, systems and environments that support the needs of people with disabilities; and 2) improved health behaviors (i.e., physical activity and nutrition) and better weight management strategies for addressing obesity in children and adults with disabilities.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities  NICHCY is very pleased to offer you a wealth of information on disabilities! We serve the nation as a central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth. Here, you’ll also find easy-to-read information on IDEA, the law authorizing early intervention services and special education. Our State Resource Sheets will help you connect with the disability agencies and organizations in your state. Read and freely share our many articles and publications, sign up for our newsletter, and write or call us for more personalized assistance. We are here to help.

National Organization for Rare Disorders  is dedicated to helping the nearly 30 million Americans with rare diseases, and the organizations that serve them, through programs of education, advocacy, research, and patient services.

Online Activities  This site contains a list of many resources ranging for Social Studies, planets, and project pages on the web. The pages will give the students many things to do and keep the teachers lessons full of activities.

Resources for People with Learning Disabilities  is a collection of resources on various aspects of learning disabilities with comments from community members. For more on this website. The site started as a place for Richard Wanderman (site founder) to share handouts with people in digital form and since then has grown to include hundreds of articles by Richard and dozens of other authors on all aspects of learning disabilities. The site now contains lists of tools, schools, organizations and professionals and other resources for the LD community as well as new articles and commentaries.

Schoolhouse Technologies  quickly and easily create printable worksheets, activities, and tests for a wide range of student levels and abilities. Now you can deliver an effective individualized educational experience. And have more time for teaching. Improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students and challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. It is the ideal resource for spelling, language arts, ESL instruction, and vocabulary enrichment in any subject.

Schwab Learning-Great Schools  is the country’s leading source of information on school performance. With listings of 200,000 public and private schools serving students from preschool through high school and more than 800,000 parent ratings and reviews, GreatSchools has become the go-to guide for parents aiming to make a smart school choice. Great Schools offers learning disability articles and tips.  is a site that offers free teaching resources for special education. The site offers handouts that are printable.

Sparktop  helps kids with learning difficulties, including learning disabilities and AD/HD, understand that they are smart, have unique talents, and can succeed in school and life.

Special Education Guide is an organization that runs one of the top informational sites on the web for parents and teachers of children with special needs (and people who want to become special education teachers). The site includes original, trustworthy content from a number of experienced special education professionals, including prominent contributors such as Tim Shriver, Chairman of the Special Olympics.

State-by-state guides to
1. Teacher certification and licensure
2. Master's degrees in Special Education
3. Comprehensive guide to Response to Intervention (RTI)

teAchnology  developed in response to the challenges associated with Twenty-First Century Learners: The Net-Generation. To meet these challenges, the company first developed a method for individuals to access free on-line resources that support classroom instruction,

TeacherVision emphasize the importance of art education throughout the year with TeacherVision's art lesson plans, printables, activities, quizzes, and references, perfect for art teachers at the elementary, middle, or high school level. This is one subject everyone enjoys, and your students will benefit from exploring their creative sides in their science, math, social studies, and reading classes, as well as their art class.

Special Education Resources