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Technology Tools & Resources
Michigan Department of Education Technology Resources     

Edmodo  (A secure place to connect, collaborate, share content and 
educational applications, access homework, grades, class discussions 
and notifications)

PREZI  (A cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world 
between whiteboards and slides)

Museum Box  (Provides the tools for you to build up an argument or 
description of an event, person, or historical period by placing items in 
a vertical box)

DIIGO  (Bookmark, organize, notes, collaboration tool)

TimeRime is a tool that you can have more than one type of media for each event on your timeline. Users can also selct which media type they want as the feature piece of each event. As we've come to expect with any web 2.0 tool of this type, you can embed the timeline in a blog or share it via email and can be used in either English or Spanish.

MIT Open Courseware is a site that offers free courses, but these courses do not offer credit or certificate. These are classes for the people that just want to take classes to learn. What a great opportunity!

Vocarro! This is an online recording devise that is very simple to use and emails you when the recording is finished and generates html code to embed the recording into a webpage.

RCampus is a free cloud classroom management system. is a free Smartboard site with templates for teachers to use. is a free homework posting site for kids to obtain assistance with homework. Teachers just post their homework on the site and the students create an ID and password with the assistance of their parents and can obtain assistance at home with their homework online.