Insert Headline is a performing arts educational website produced by the National Arts 
Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The goals are:
  * To engage younger generations of Canadians in information, multimedia 
     resources and activities pertaining to the performing arts
  * To provide performing arts-related primary and secondary resources to students, 
     parents, and teachers to aid them in learning about and teaching the topics presented.
Big Book of Music Therapy Songs is a website where all of Rachel's (site founder) 
interests and skills are combined for one purpose: to help children learn and grow 
through music. 

ChoralNet is operated by the American Choral Director's Association (ACDA) and 
advised by the ChoralNet Committee. This is a professional networking site for the 
global online choral community. This site contains forums, choral organizations, choirs, 
resources, and the latest news of interest to the choral world. 

Music as Therapy: How Music Can Make You Healthier is a website that offers valuable music therapy information and can connect you with others in the music therapy industry in different areas of the world. 

National Association of Teacher of Singing (NATS) is the largest professional associate of teachers singing in the world with more than 7,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and over twenty-five other countries. NATS offers a varietty of lifelong learning experiences to their members with workshops, intern programs, master classes, and conferences, all beginning at the chapter level and progressing to national event.

Promethean Planet is a website that offers voice, singing, and chorus resources which can be downloaded for use. Registration is required to use the resources and a cost may be involved. 

Teacher Vision is a website that offers lessons and material for the classroom. This site may require registration and a cost may be involved. 

Vocal Music Resources